Rebel Videos

Making an image of our own

Socially Conscious Humor/ Art/ Talent:

Asians Just Aren’t Cool Enough?

If you thought Indian names are complicated …

Happy Eid!…maybe. Happy maybe-eid

fin d’ete

Wonho Chung

Dante Bucci – Fanfare

Epik High 魂: Map the Soul [Worldwide Version] MV feat. Kero One & MYK

Riz MC – Sour Times


Gender Relations!

The Clam Chowdry Clan


MYNA Times

Football and Forgiveness

Do the Dance

MYNA Video Groups 1-4

G5 Video 2008-09

Guilty Until Proven British


I Am… (Independent Film) iSlam

MIST Short Film-2008

Puzzled MIST 2008 short film

Dar-ul-arqam MIST 2007 Short Film

MIST Toronto- Colours of Islam


Thank Allah It’s Jumma UC Davis

Extreme Islam Makeover: Home Edition UC Davis

Who Wants to be an MSA President? UC Davis

This Day in History: Ali Minhaj UC Davis

The American Dream: Ali Minhaj 2 UC Davis

24 Salat UC Davis

Turbans Back MIT

Senseless Humor:

Hey There Khalilah


The Dolma Massacre


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