China’s female Muslim Imams

Female imam leads prayer in China. Photo: <a href=NPR” />

AN interesting article by ILLUME caught my eye: China’s Female Imams

I have heard of Morocco also training female Imams. And Turkey and China having female only masjids but this is a first. I’ve heard rumors that someone is making a movie about female Imams.


Famous Muslim Photographer Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders speaks to CNN about his faith and photography.

CNN: What made you decide to start taking pictures of Muslims instead of rock stars?

Peter Sanders: I didn’t just become a completely different person. I’m still that same person that did all that stuff in the ’60s, it’s just that my point of reference slightly changed.

I still listen to Dylan and he’s still an inspiration to me, I just found that photographing Muslims was slightly more interesting because they came from a world that I could only aspire too — people who spend their lives in prayer, study and worship.

Islam in Korea

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the story I posted about halal Korean food. I also found this informative video clip about Islam in Korea.

Korean Muslim soldiers pray at a mosque in Hannam-dong, Seoul/Yonhap

I also found an article on Korean Muslims:

What is it like to be a Korean Muslim in Korea? “Not easy would be an understatement,” was the response of Hasna Bae, a 23-year-old student.

Bae is one of 35,000 Korean Muslims in the country, and one of 1.6 billion in the world. Although the religion is very big worldwide, there are few Muslims in Korea. There are migrant Muslim workers, but the total number barely reaches 200,000.

Being a minority religion in Korea, Muslims say their different lifestyle makes them stand out more than others in society.

Yu Hyun-il, 22, serves as president of the Islamic students’ association of the Hankook University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in Seoul. He said he found the Muslim eating requirements the most difficult thing for him…

Johnny Depp converts to Islam

Will Johnny Depp become the next Hamza Yusuf? They already look similar don't they?

Will Johnny Depp become the next Hamza Yusuf? They already look similar don't they?

While visiting Morocco Johnny Depp converted to Islam.

Personally I’ve always thought that Johnny Depp and Hamza Yusuf had an uncanny resemblance. I wonder if I’ll be able to tell the difference now at this year’s upcoming ISNA.

Don’t believe me? To read the full story click here.