The “30 mosques” during Ramadan Project

These guys are all over the media and you should def check out their blog which is tastefully written and very interesting.

Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq are constantly plugged in during their journey.

30 Mosques in 30 States is Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq’s Ramadan road trip across the United States.

Beginning August 11 in New York City, the two will spend each night of Ramadan at a different mosque in 30 states around the country. The two’s 12,000 mile route will essentially take them on an outline of the entire country and conclude in Dearborn, Michigan – home to one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the country.

Muslims for the month of Ramadan are required to fast, going without food or drink from sunrise to sunset. There are an estimated 7 million Muslims living in the United States that come from a wide mix of ethnic backgrounds including African Americans, South and East Asians, Arabs and East Africans.

Each day during Ramadan, Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq will visit a different state and blog about the experience each night, highlighting stories about the people they’ve met, the mosque they prayed in and of course the tasty cuisines each place has to offer.


New Campaign: Inspired by Muhammad

A fancy website and ads on the UK metro to boot has plastered polished ads detailing how people have been “Inspired by Muhammad.” Take a look at the website and you won’t be disappointed, it’s complete with colorful pictures and videos.

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