Ridiculous Anti-Muslim Game

Wow Europe… just wow, you take the creme and cherry on Islamophobia.

A right-wing Austrian political party’s published a flash game in which the countryside is overrun with minarets and mosques and players must stop their construction. Because nationalism and xenophobia’s so much more fun when it’s in the German language!

Moschee Baba (“Bye-Bye Mosque”) is a minute-long, shooting-gallery type game in which a stop sign is clicked on a minaret, mosque, or muezzin (the guys who sound the morning calls to prayer). It’s a political ad for the Freedom Party in the Styrian province; regional elections are coming at the end of the month.

No one’s killed and nothing’s destroyed in the game, but its tone is pretty hateful and paranoid and it’s pissed off political opponents but good. Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Muslim community have demanded the game’s removal and an investigation for “incitement.”

The game is, of course, a gross caricature of the reality of the situation in Austria. Only four mosques with a visible minaret exist in the country. None are in Styria, whose population is 1.2 percent Muslim.

After the game ends, it serves players with a push poll, asking if there should be a ban on minaret construction, wearing of burqas, niqabs or other Islamic garments, and if Muslims should sign some oath accepting Austrian law’s primacy over the Koran. Fun stuff.

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hilarious article: “How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda”

I am a little late in finding this hilarious article. Since the Miss USA, Rima Fakih, happens to be Arab and Muslim many have accused her of many things. A genius work of satire Wajahat Ali writes “How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda”. I highly recommend the read.

Obama likes Urdu poetry?

Okay my family has suddenly diecided to love the guy:

‘What can you cook?’

‘Oh, keema … daal … You name it, I can cook it. And so I have a great affinity for Pakistani culture and the great Urdu poets.’

‘You read Urdu poetry?’

‘Absolutely. So my hope is that I’m going to have an opportunity at some point to visit Pakistan,’ said Mr Obama.”

Belgium’s Ozdemir becomes Europe’s first headscarved MP

Turkish origin Mahinur Ozcelik swore in at Belgium’s parliament in Brussels with her headscarf without any crisis, Turkish media reported.

Now if a Muslim country like *cough*Turkey*cough* could let fairy elected headscarf women become congresswomen that would be something.


The Uighur Conflict

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China’s changing approach to reporting Xinjiang – 08 Jul 09

Woman Who Stood up to the Chinese Soldiers

Woman Who Stood up to the Chinese Soldiers

Riots in Urumqi, the capital of China’s Xinjiang province, on Sunday, July 5 have sparked an uprising of China’s Muslim Uighur minority. Since then, many people have died (the Associated Press says 184, while other sources say more than 1,000) and thousands have been wounded in the ongoing unrest, which features the Chinese government taking action against the Uighur minority. Take a look at some recent stories in the news about this situation:

OPINION: The New York Times
‘ Philip Bowring explores the fallout of the events.

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OPINION: Rebiya Kadeer, president of the World Uighur Congress, writes about what led to the situation and how it can be solved.

Miami Herald: Earlier, Kadeer denounced violence.

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Associated Press: Muslim countries’ reaction nearly nonexistent.

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Tehran Times: Chinese, Iranian officials say Muslims’ security in China is vital.

Los Angeles Times: Turkish government defends Uighurs.

Bloomberg: Al-Qaeda group gets involved.

Why isn’t the Muslim world speaking up in defense of the Uighurs? By Moisés Naím | Foreign Policy

Congrats to the first Muslim elected leader in North Texas

Amir Omar is the first Muslim elected leader in North Texas. Mr Omar had to dodge some major mudslinging due to his  ethnicity (Palestinian and Iranian) and his religion. An article here goes into more detail for us. Because of such a feat,  I will let it slide that he’s a conservative.  Besides, he has some wise words to share with us.

“Regardless of my audience, my message has been the same: How are we going to solve these issues?” said Omar, 37. “Religion shouldn’t be a factor in the way a city councilman should approach his job.”

Amir Omar for Richardson

Amir Omar for Richardson