Sufi Comics

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Sufi comics, is a web comic headed by two Indian young men, Arif and Ali. The comics are delightful and profound sharing stories of imans and prayers in a novel way. Concerning their process on their facebook fan page Sufi Comics says “the comic is not done in one sitting, but in a span of 1 to 2 weeks… Both work on the Story, and Ali does the Art work.”

It is definitely worth taking a look at, their website and comics can be found here.


Muslim Mangas/Manhwas/Manhuas–Oh My!

How many of you out there have dreamed of converting that boy/Cristiano Ronaldo you have a crush on, running off together and marrying him?

Many I can guess. Well, now there’s manhwa about it.

Below you can see a part of the manhwa [note: you read from left to right–refresh if it doesn’t show up the first time]:

Want You: "I am Islam"

Want You: "I am Islam"

The Manhwa is titled “Want You”, a story about a girl, who since childhood has been in love with her cousin. Upon finding out Islam is alright with cousins getting married she states she follows Islam and continually declares she’s “Islam” [the author notes that the proper usage would be I am Muslim–not Islam] amongst her very religious Christian family of which her beloved is apart of.

Asia Alfasi, Muslim Manga Artist

Asia Alfasi, Muslim Manga Artist

For those of you who don’t know what a manhwa, it’s a Korean comic. You might be more familiar with the Japanese term, manga. In the case of China they call comics manhua.

If you are interested in reading the rest of this humorous manhwa you can read it here.

Speaking of manga there’s a hijabi Muslim manga artist called Asia Alfasi who won an international Manga and Anime competition for her manga character Monir; who is a feisty Arabian hero.

Other comics and graphic novels with Islamic elements, although not necessarily Islamic is: the Kuwaiti “The 99″; Palestine; and the famous graphic novel Persepolis.

There’s also a recently new online community called Muslim Manga.