News: America is Islamophobic? WHHHHAATTTT …NO WAY

Seems like the news is being overwhelmed with Islam in America. Here are few links:

Public Remains Conflicted Over Islam – Pew Research Center

Muslim cab driver slashed by upstate New York man because of his religion, police say

Muslim Americans Are Also Dying for America – The Daily Beast

So disturbing: Rent-This-Missile Ad Agency Donates Two ‘Missiles’ To Protest Against Manhattan Mosque

Jon Stewart’s brilliance continues to shine. On the so-called “Ground Zero” Mosque:

The Parent Company Trap – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 08/23/2010 – Video Clip | Comedy Central

The Onion:Man Already Knows Everything He Needs To Know About Muslims

Second anti-Muslim Hate Crime in 24 Hours |

Burn a Qur’an Day Fails Miserably – Maniac Muslim


hilarious article: “How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda”

I am a little late in finding this hilarious article. Since the Miss USA, Rima Fakih, happens to be Arab and Muslim many have accused her of many things. A genius work of satire Wajahat Ali writes “How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda”. I highly recommend the read.

Movies: Shahada and the Infidel

Infidel looks like a hilarious British comedy about a Muslim who finds out he was adopted and originally Jewish. The trailer is below:

To contrast Shahada is a serious and dramatic movie about the struggles and some very real issues of being Muslim and understanding Islam in modern Germany. The trailer looks promising:

hoodlums and rebels at the MSA EZ conference make their mark

MSA’s National East Zone conference was this past weekend at UPENN, a very beautiful venue mashAllah.

MSA EZ 2009 at UPENN

MSA EZ 2009 at UPENN

Of particular hilarity and amusement was a distinct nude statue at the entrance. So prank and petty crime ensued.

AFTER: [sorry no before]

hoodlums & rebels plot

MSA EZ cape and flower

MSA EZ cape and flower makes it complete

petty crime

pranks & petty crime is so tasteful