Buddhism and Islam in America

Here’s a great article drawing parallels between the USA’s recent bout of Islamophobia and the xenophobia concerning [American] Japanese during World War II. It’s worth a look.


Did you say ‘Aloha’…or ‘Allah’?

Holidays seem to be in the news recently. There was odd day:  5/7/09 (which is one of only six this century that will have three consecutive odd numbers). Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you)–oh yes, and Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.

However, it seems Hawaiian Lawmarkers have something else in mind. Recently, they have had a bill passed declaring September 23 as “Islam Day” to quote, “The bill recognizes what it calls ‘the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions’ that Islam and the Islamic world have made.”

Not sure how I feel about it, seems like it’s ‘Jewish’ (pun) guilt over jingoism. Plus Islam is a religion (no establishment of religion remember?) and the Muslim World isn’t just a static place in the Middle East. But I must say I do appreciate, as a Muslim and as a person who recognizes a continuing period of prejudice, the attempt they are making in making Islam more synonymous with better things that the media portrays.

I wonder though, what would you do on Islam day?