Ridiculous Anti-Muslim Game

Wow Europe… just wow, you take the creme and cherry on Islamophobia.

A right-wing Austrian political party’s published a flash game in which the countryside is overrun with minarets and mosques and players must stop their construction. Because nationalism and xenophobia’s so much more fun when it’s in the German language!

Moschee Baba (“Bye-Bye Mosque”) is a minute-long, shooting-gallery type game in which a stop sign is clicked on a minaret, mosque, or muezzin (the guys who sound the morning calls to prayer). It’s a political ad for the Freedom Party in the Styrian province; regional elections are coming at the end of the month.

No one’s killed and nothing’s destroyed in the game, but its tone is pretty hateful and paranoid and it’s pissed off political opponents but good. Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Muslim community have demanded the game’s removal and an investigation for “incitement.”

The game is, of course, a gross caricature of the reality of the situation in Austria. Only four mosques with a visible minaret exist in the country. None are in Styria, whose population is 1.2 percent Muslim.

After the game ends, it serves players with a push poll, asking if there should be a ban on minaret construction, wearing of burqas, niqabs or other Islamic garments, and if Muslims should sign some oath accepting Austrian law’s primacy over the Koran. Fun stuff.

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Buddhism and Islam in America

Here’s a great article drawing parallels between the USA’s recent bout of Islamophobia and the xenophobia concerning [American] Japanese during World War II. It’s worth a look.

News: America is Islamophobic? WHHHHAATTTT …NO WAY

Seems like the news is being overwhelmed with Islam in America. Here are few links:

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So disturbing: Rent-This-Missile Ad Agency Donates Two ‘Missiles’ To Protest Against Manhattan Mosque http://tpm.ly/9xfwuw

Jon Stewart’s brilliance continues to shine. On the so-called “Ground Zero” Mosque: http://bit.ly/a7rj5i

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“Fordson” Movie

“Fordson” is a feature length documentary film that follows four talented high school football players from Dearborn Michigan as they gear up for their big senior year rivalry game during the last ten days of Ramadan, a month when Muslims traditionally fast every day from sunrise to sundown.

The story is set against the backdrop of the stunningly beautiful Fordson High School, a public high school built by Henry Ford in 1922, which was once all white, but now boasts a 98% Arab population. As our team readies itself to play its affluent, cross town rival, we unearth the adversity faced by a community that is desperately holding onto its Islamic faith and trying to gain acceptance from their fellow U.S. citizens in post 9-11 America.

Through the eyes of the team, their coaches, and their fans, we get an unprecedented glimpse inside the lives of a community that is home to the largest concentration of Arabs in any city outside of the Middle East, and their determination to hold on to the American Dream.

You can contact the producers at fordsonthemovie@gmail.com

The Death of Riad Hamad

WTF. I am supremely disgusted:

Riad Hamad

According to Austin Police Department Sgt. Joe Chacon, the death of Austin schoolteacher and peace activist Riad Hamad remains under investigation. Chacon says homicide investigators are “open to all possibilities” but that the initial investigation reflects that Hamad appears to have committed suicide. Hamad had been reported missing by his family on Monday night, April 14, and (partly by means of a cell-phone GPS search authorized by his wife) his car was found Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot off South Lakeshore Boulevard, on the south side of Lady Bird Lake. A land and water search turned up nothing more, but a little after 2pm on Wednesday, passersby on the hike-and-bike trail on the opposite (north) side of the lake, just east of the I-35 bridge, spotted a body floating near the shore. Hamad’s eyes were covered in duct tape, his legs and his hands also bound – fueling Internet-amplified rumors that he had been murdered. According to a report that day by KXAN-TV news, “Park-goers who saw the body said the death did not look accidental. They said the man’s face was wrapped with duct tape, and his arms appeared to be tied in front of his body.”

On Thursday, April 17, APD released a statement saying, “The bindings of his hands and legs and placement of the tape were consistent with Hamad having done this to himself.” Chacon told the Chroniclethat additional evidence – including a security videotape of the parking area where Hamad’s car was found and statements from persons who knew him that “he had been experiencing suicidal thoughts” – also support a finding of suicide but that police are waiting for completion of the entire investigation, including the full autopsy and toxicology report, which will take several weeks. “For all intents and purposes, as far as we know right now,” Chacon said this week, “this was a suicide.”

An autopsy was performed by Travis County Chief Medical Examiner David Dolinak, generating yet another controversy over official autopsy procedures. On April 17, when Hamad’s body was transported by a funeral home from the medical examiner’s office to the Islamic Center of Greater Austin on Manor Road, said Imam Ibrahim Dremali, it was in a “barbaric” condition, one that he had never seen in 20 years of preparing bodies for burial. Dremali said the body was seeping blood from one incision and was inadequately sutured, and in spots the flesh was torn as though “an animal might have attacked him.” He said two experienced colleagues working with him “panicked” at the sight of the corpse and left the room, and he had to use towels and tape to clean Hamad’s body and to pad the brain cavity and the torso, in order to make it presentable for burial. Later, he demanded and received a meeting with Dolinak and APD Chief Art Ace vedo. Afterward, Dremali and Dolinak each told theChronicle that they believe the meeting was useful and should lead to better medical examiner practices, but Dremali said he “cannot accept” the apology offered by Dolinak for any misunderstanding or mistakes. “I believe they were sending us a message,” he said, “and that’s what I told the people here [at the mosque], that they believe they do not have to respect the bodies of Muslims.”

Asked about Dremali’s charges, Dolinak said that although there may have been some misunderstanding over his office’s expectation that the funeral home would be doing the final, cosmetic preparations of the body, he insisted, “We did absolutely nothing on our part to show any intentional disrespect.” He said they followed standard autopsy procedures and that he simply can’t say what Dremali may have experienced in similar situations before. “In most cases, all the final preparations [of the body] occur at a funeral home,” he said, “but as in any religion, there is a whole spectrum of practices, depending on the family’s wishes. We’ll certainly try to work with [local Muslim clerics] better on the next case.” Dolinak also could not confirm what Dremali described as apparent facial bruising on the body.

You can read more here.

Missing girl Sofia Khan

A girl who fell in Lake Michigan, Sofia Khan is currently still lost. She was in a kayak alone without a life jacket and a tide took her away before her father could swim out to her. A good Samaritan took a canoe and found the kayak empty and ended up being saved by the Coastal Guard.

Sofia Khan is still missing

I recently got an email about the search for her:

Three days ago a little girl from our community, Sofia Khan fell into the water and her parents still have not recovered her body. (For more info: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-girl-in-lake-0611-20100610,0,4272352.story)
The city has called off the search as they have maximized their resources. However, the coastal guards predict that it is very likely they will find her today since it is the third day. Sofia’s family could use as many volunteers on the shores and in the water to help find her as possible. Its about 2 hours from Chicago in a very rural area. It would be most helpful if volunteers went for 1-2 hour increments throughout the day. Although the home where there are staying has limited space there is a gas station near by for bathroom uses. If you have boats, life jackets, canoes, water suits, or other items that will be useful to the search please bring them along. Nonetheless, please keep her and her family in your prayers and at the very least pray two rakah hajjah for her recovery and pass this message on to others. I’ve posted the location below. May Allah guide us all in this difficult time.
N 1414 Cottage DriveOostburg, WI 53070-1710Exit 113 Cedar Grove off I-43N, less than two miles off the highway

Sofia Khan and her family are in our prayers. You can read the story here in the Chicago Tribune.

The Uighur Conflict

BBC NEWS | Programmes | World News America | Uighur women defy Chinese police

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Urumqi mosques told to close

China’s changing approach to reporting Xinjiang – 08 Jul 09

Woman Who Stood up to the Chinese Soldiers

Woman Who Stood up to the Chinese Soldiers

Riots in Urumqi, the capital of China’s Xinjiang province, on Sunday, July 5 have sparked an uprising of China’s Muslim Uighur minority. Since then, many people have died (the Associated Press says 184, while other sources say more than 1,000) and thousands have been wounded in the ongoing unrest, which features the Chinese government taking action against the Uighur minority. Take a look at some recent stories in the news about this situation:

OPINION: The New York Times
‘ Philip Bowring explores the fallout of the events.

NYT: Iran remains silent.

OPINION: Rebiya Kadeer, president of the World Uighur Congress, writes about what led to the situation and how it can be solved.

Miami Herald: Earlier, Kadeer denounced violence.

Boston.com: Pictures from the violence. Warning: Some of the images are graphic.

Associated Press: Muslim countries’ reaction nearly nonexistent.

AP: Could Uighur crackdown spread?

Agence France-Presse: Muslims in Turkey demonstrate.

Tehran Times: Chinese, Iranian officials say Muslims’ security in China is vital.

Los Angeles Times: Turkish government defends Uighurs.

Bloomberg: Al-Qaeda group gets involved.

Why isn’t the Muslim world speaking up in defense of the Uighurs? By Moisés Naím | Foreign Policy