Ridiculous Anti-Muslim Game

Wow Europe… just wow, you take the creme and cherry on Islamophobia.

A right-wing Austrian political party’s published a flash game in which the countryside is overrun with minarets and mosques and players must stop their construction. Because nationalism and xenophobia’s so much more fun when it’s in the German language!

Moschee Baba (“Bye-Bye Mosque”) is a minute-long, shooting-gallery type game in which a stop sign is clicked on a minaret, mosque, or muezzin (the guys who sound the morning calls to prayer). It’s a political ad for the Freedom Party in the Styrian province; regional elections are coming at the end of the month.

No one’s killed and nothing’s destroyed in the game, but its tone is pretty hateful and paranoid and it’s pissed off political opponents but good. Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Muslim community have demanded the game’s removal and an investigation for “incitement.”

The game is, of course, a gross caricature of the reality of the situation in Austria. Only four mosques with a visible minaret exist in the country. None are in Styria, whose population is 1.2 percent Muslim.

After the game ends, it serves players with a push poll, asking if there should be a ban on minaret construction, wearing of burqas, niqabs or other Islamic garments, and if Muslims should sign some oath accepting Austrian law’s primacy over the Koran. Fun stuff.

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China’s female Muslim Imams

Female imam leads prayer in China. Photo: <a href=NPR” />

AN interesting article by ILLUME caught my eye: China’s Female Imams

I have heard of Morocco also training female Imams. And Turkey and China having female only masjids but this is a first. I’ve heard rumors that someone is making a movie about female Imams.

u.s. immigrant stories

Immigrant Stories is a recently launched project “documenting the stories that make the United States great and unique.” You are welcome and encouraged to submit your stories, videos, poetry, art, photos, etc., sharing how you, your parents or your ancestors immigrated to the U.S.

For more information on how to take part, go to the website here and the Facebook group here. Also read this piece in the Washington Post by Smith College student and fellow Muslim Ilana Alazzeh, who started the Immigrant Stories project: United States of immigrants.


Postsecret: “I am Muslim and a lesbian”

May this postcard encourage compassion and respect for the visible and invisible struggles people go through

Towards a younger, hipper Islam

A very thoughtful blog on CNN brings out a side of American Islam and brings to light the complexity of the Muslim community. You can read it here.

Sufi Comics

blind astronomer

Sufi comics, is a web comic headed by two Indian young men, Arif and Ali. The comics are delightful and profound sharing stories of imans and prayers in a novel way. Concerning their process on their facebook fan page Sufi Comics says “the comic is not done in one sitting, but in a span of 1 to 2 weeks… Both work on the Story, and Ali does the Art work.”

It is definitely worth taking a look at, their website and comics can be found here.

Osama Loves…

Ever heard of “Osama Loves: Searching for 500 faces of Islam”? It’s a project all over the world were Osama’s reclaim their name by declaring through photographs what they love [as apposed to what they hate, I suppose]
Osama the Waiter, 41, from Cairo
The website is here.