Istanbul’s first female mosque designer

Istanbul’s first female mosque designer, Zeynep Fadillioglu. Zeynep Fadillioglu is one of Turkey’s best known designers and architects. She has designed the interiors of countless homes and hotels around the globe but her most important assignment was at home in Istanbul where she became the first woman in the Islamic world to design a mosque. Her goal was to create a modern look that would combine with Islamic culture — and she succeeded. Although her design has been criticized as a high society mosque by some traditionalists, it has been accepted by the wider public.



Towers & Muslims in a Korean Drama and Huffington Post

After a hiatus posting again…

The Korean Drama: You're Beautiful

The Korean Drama sensation “You’re Beautiful” has caught the imagination of millions on TV and via the internet. Within days people all over the world submitted subtitles [including English and Arabic] within hours of the videos being posted on the internet.

The first episode is especially hilarious and has the main character, a soon-to-be-nun, hiding amongst Muslim women in the airport. This may very well be the first time Muslim hijabi women road the k-wave.

You can see the drama for yourself in a plethora of different languages on viikii a great community of volunteers making the world’s media and shows accessible for all.

Also Sadia Ahsanuddin a recent Harvard graduate and New York Times scholar has recently published an article on foreign policy being more globally responsible. Check it out, Traditional Rebel mashAllah.

Additionally, Dubai officially opened the tallest tower in the world. You can read and see the celebration more about it here.

The World’s Tallest Tower

At almost a half a mile tall, standing in the sky, Burj Dubai is the World’s Tallest Tower by far.

Burj Dubai: almost complete

Burj Dubai: almost complete

It didn’t really click about how tall this building is or just how much taller it was compared to the tallest towers in the world until I went to the website.


It’s 818 m (2,684 ft). SubhanAllah. Baller.

New Architecture for Mecca عرض خاص من شركة هندسية لتصميم الحرم المكي

Seems like this video brings with it a lot of strong responses. Some see Mecca becoming too commercialized and convenient. Others want austerity and renovation of the Ottoman Arcade while some like the structure of a panopticon for a holy place.