Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan.

There’s a  new site called Ramadaning.

A blurb from their website:

Ram·a·dan·ing [ruhm-uh-dahn-ing]



1. To Ramadan

2. To find oneself in awkward situations involving food, drink, and worldliness while observing Ramadan.

Ramadan is a blessed month that is observed by approximately 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide.  This spiritual month centers around increased worship and abstaining from eating, drinking and sexual activity from dawn to sunset.   To learn more about Ramadan, visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramadan.

Along with being a joyous and extremely spiritual period, Ramadan is also a time of humor and sometimes, just plain awkward and strange situations. Our job is to chronicle and share those awkward moments.  We have had them.  You have had them.  Why not share?   So . . . send us your stories/pictures/videos via thislink!  And check back often for updates!

Wishing you a wonderful, inspiring, and redeeming Ramadan.

Much love,

Hasan & Shahzad

It’s a cute website, quirky. It’s worth a look, but I would suggest during non fasting hours due to the pictures of delicious food.