New Campaign: Inspired by Muhammad

A fancy website and ads on the UK metro to boot has plastered polished ads detailing how people have been “Inspired by Muhammad.” Take a look at the website and you won’t be disappointed, it’s complete with colorful pictures and videos.



  1. The Inspired by Muhammad Campaign dispenses the usual taqiyya and kitman. The real giveaway is it highly sanatized life of Muhammad. No mention of slaves, booty, murder, rape, torure and the the killing of those who spoke out against Muhammad. No reference to ‘those whom your right hand possess or beating the wife when she is disobedient. Their claims that Allah’s so-called messenger was concerned about the rights of those who he believed to be deficient of mind and in all likelihood destined for Hell are laughable, as are the claims for human rights and the environment etc. Stuart Parsons

    • I can’t say I agree. Nearly one in four people are Muslim across the world. It’s kind of hard to believe that they all believe in what you say.

      • Hi intelligentbias
        All repeat All Muslims are required to believe the contents of the Quran. They believe it to be tha actual words of their God. The sources for my comments were the Quran and Sirat Rasul Allah by Ibn Ishaq.

        I have been studying Islam full time for three years now and believe me ISLAM IS A BIGGER THREAT TO THE WELL-BEING OF MANKIND THAN FACISM AND COMMUNISM EVER WERE.
        One sources describes Islam as ‘A primitive and violent superstition founded by a killer.’

        Believe me the Inspied by Muhammad Campaign is ja part of the ongoing proselytizing of Islam by means of deceit and dissimulation.

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