Missing girl Sofia Khan

A girl who fell in Lake Michigan, Sofia Khan is currently still lost. She was in a kayak alone without a life jacket and a tide took her away before her father could swim out to her. A good Samaritan took a canoe and found the kayak empty and ended up being saved by the Coastal Guard.

Sofia Khan is still missing

I recently got an email about the search for her:

Three days ago a little girl from our community, Sofia Khan fell into the water and her parents still have not recovered her body. (For more info: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-girl-in-lake-0611-20100610,0,4272352.story)
The city has called off the search as they have maximized their resources. However, the coastal guards predict that it is very likely they will find her today since it is the third day. Sofia’s family could use as many volunteers on the shores and in the water to help find her as possible. Its about 2 hours from Chicago in a very rural area. It would be most helpful if volunteers went for 1-2 hour increments throughout the day. Although the home where there are staying has limited space there is a gas station near by for bathroom uses. If you have boats, life jackets, canoes, water suits, or other items that will be useful to the search please bring them along. Nonetheless, please keep her and her family in your prayers and at the very least pray two rakah hajjah for her recovery and pass this message on to others. I’ve posted the location below. May Allah guide us all in this difficult time.
N 1414 Cottage DriveOostburg, WI 53070-1710Exit 113 Cedar Grove off I-43N, less than two miles off the highway

Sofia Khan and her family are in our prayers. You can read the story here in the Chicago Tribune.


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