Yusuf Islam makes peace with Coldplay

It seems that Coldplay’s song Vida La Vida [still love it] ripped off a bit from Yusuf Islam’s song Foreigner Suite. The Coldplay tune is a lift of the closing theme to Foreigner Suite. In fact, it sounds as if the record stylus is stuck somewhere playing the same few notes.

Nevertheless Yusuf Islam decides not to press charges.

He says, “I stand by what I said. They did copy my song but I don’t think they did it on purpose. I have even copied myself without even knowing I have done it. I’ll write down what I think is a good melody and realise it’s the same as something I have already done.  “I don’t want them to think I am angry with them. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of tea with them and let them know it’s okay.”

But his guitarist, Joe Satriani, did filed for copyright infringement against Coldplay:



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  1. As a musician myself, I know these kind of things just happen. Sometimes I think I have just composed a wonderful piece of a song, and the next day I hear that same song from the radio! 😀 But I really like Yusuf’s attitude… Wise man. (:


    The Coldplay Discography Guy

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