Yusuf Islam on Colbert

Yusuf Islam [aka Cat Stevens] is back on the international music stage with his album Roadsinger, recently released this past cinco de mayo. Into folk, meaningful lyrics, and a good harmonious voice to sooth Yusuf’s stuff will be your cup of tea–and even if it’s typically isn’t, your likely to take something from it all.

Seems like Colbert thought so too. On his show Colbert bemoaned the fact it took 30 years for an album to come out and even in his “subtle” way address Islamophobia.

“The Western media tells me Muslims are scary… But your not scary looking… and that scares me.”

Yusuf tries to address the issue in the 20 seconds he is a lotted before he washes the audience over with warmth with his voice. But actions and demenior speak louder then words and Yusuf while talking about Islam comes off in his humble way… well, like Santa Claus.

Yusuf Islam [status]:

  • Halalness
  • Doing his thing & showing Muslims are entertaining [in a nice way]


traditional rebel approval, mashAllah.

Godspeed Yusuf.

Video: Yusuf on Colbert


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