Yusuf Islam on Colbert

Yusuf Islam [aka Cat Stevens] is back on the international music stage with his album Roadsinger, recently released this past cinco de mayo. Into folk, meaningful lyrics, and a good harmonious voice to sooth Yusuf’s stuff will be your cup of tea–and even if it’s typically isn’t, your likely to take something from it all.

Seems like Colbert thought so too. On his show Colbert bemoaned the fact it took 30 years for an album to come out and even in his “subtle” way address Islamophobia.

“The Western media tells me Muslims are scary… But your not scary looking… and that scares me.”

Yusuf tries to address the issue in the 20 seconds he is a lotted before he washes the audience over with warmth with his voice. But actions and demenior speak louder then words and Yusuf while talking about Islam comes off in his humble way… well, like Santa Claus.

Yusuf Islam [status]:

  • Halalness
  • Doing his thing & showing Muslims are entertaining [in a nice way]


traditional rebel approval, mashAllah.

Godspeed Yusuf.

Video: Yusuf on Colbert


Congrats to the first Muslim elected leader in North Texas

Amir Omar is the first Muslim elected leader in North Texas. Mr Omar had to dodge some major mudslinging due to his  ethnicity (Palestinian and Iranian) and his religion. An article here goes into more detail for us. Because of such a feat,  I will let it slide that he’s a conservative.  Besides, he has some wise words to share with us.

“Regardless of my audience, my message has been the same: How are we going to solve these issues?” said Omar, 37. “Religion shouldn’t be a factor in the way a city councilman should approach his job.”

Amir Omar for Richardson

Amir Omar for Richardson

Faran Tahir, a Pakistani-American Actor, as the New Starship Captain in Star Trek


Faran Tahir

Faran Tahir

Remember the terrorist in Iron Man? (Ugh, wa! anguish) Well, he’s got a proud role to uphold this time around:

Faran Tahir, a Pakistani-American actor, has the distinction of playing Captain Robau, the first Federation starship captain of South Asian ethnicity to play a major role, in J.J. Abrams’  Star Trek.

And although the series has been always awesome in having people of different ethnicities on film, I can’t help but be enthusiastic about a South Asian (that will probably be confused as Middle Eastern half the time) having a positive, main role on film.

You can read the full interview with (Spoilers! and) Faran Tahir here.

Other notable highlights in the film John Cho (OMG, an Asian American? Finally!) does an admirable job as Hikaru Sulu. I’ve also heard Freda Foh Shen, Kelvin Yu and Reggie Lee are in it too.

Can’t wait to see this.

Final note: we need more diveristy on film.

Did you say ‘Aloha’…or ‘Allah’?

Holidays seem to be in the news recently. There was odd day:  5/7/09 (which is one of only six this century that will have three consecutive odd numbers). Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you)–oh yes, and Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.

However, it seems Hawaiian Lawmarkers have something else in mind. Recently, they have had a bill passed declaring September 23 as “Islam Day” to quote, “The bill recognizes what it calls ‘the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions’ that Islam and the Islamic world have made.”

Not sure how I feel about it, seems like it’s ‘Jewish’ (pun) guilt over jingoism. Plus Islam is a religion (no establishment of religion remember?) and the Muslim World isn’t just a static place in the Middle East. But I must say I do appreciate, as a Muslim and as a person who recognizes a continuing period of prejudice, the attempt they are making in making Islam more synonymous with better things that the media portrays.

I wonder though, what would you do on Islam day?