Gay Muslims

Honestly, I am gay [happy, sheesh] that the Muslim Ummah is finally seeming to attempt to address the issue of homosexuality. I personally know a couple of gay Muslims and they work and volunteer in our open MSA, but how many MSAs can claim that? Muslim or non-Muslim, such statical information should be alarming to anyone:

According to research conducted in the past two decades, sexual minority youth (gay, lesbian, and bisexual) exhibit more suicidal ideation than do their heterosexual peers. Estimated rates of suicidal ideation range from 50% to 70%, and actual suicide attempt rates range from 30% (Gibson, 1989) to 42% (D’Augelli & Hershberger, 1993), or three times that of heterosexual youth (D’Augelli & Hershberger, 1995; Rotheram-Borus, Reid, Rosario, Van Rossen, & Gillis, 1995). For racial minorities who are also gay or lesbian (Smith & Crawford, 1986), rates of suicidal activity are suspected to be even higher, and may reflect prejudice toward both sexual orientation and race. The youth in these studies were seeking assistance from community mental health centers or refuge at shelters, and they typically exhibit greater pathology than the mainstream gay, lesbian, or bisexual youth, an issue that may present a confound (Savin-Williams, 1990). (source)

So the next time you’re about to crack a “That’s so gay” at the cafe rethink who it might be affecting. Other non-profit organizations say as many as 3 in 4 suicides committed by sexually inclined minority youth.

Yasir Qadhi attempts to address the issue of homosexual urges here.

I humbly have several issues with the article which I had shared in the comment section of the entry.

While I admire the attempt to address this issue I have a few points of concern:

With all respect, I believe the author hypothesizing causations for homosexuality highly discredits him. There is no statical information or sound proof or correlation for these assumptions. It is simply a distraction. In addition, the author doesn’t seem to cite anything nor seem to have formal learning in such areas such as gender studies or social sciences, nor should he attempt to.

Another issue I have is that the author recommends getting married right away. Women are not disposable–they are human beings who deserved to be loved and in general have the inclination that when a marriage isn’t going right to blame themselves. If you are not attracted to your spouse whether male or female you could traumatize, and give them scars.

Also, homosexuality is a trial. The same way poverty, or the color of your skin can be a trial. Why was there no mention of fasting?

And for those interested in “healing” themselves, why was there no mention of different theories and counselings?

Why was there no mention of lesbianism, must females be disenfranchised even in Islamic online advice? [Females= 50% of the population!]

Also, in the mention of the title I was hoping that the author would talk about the adab dealing with homosexual peers in our diverse society.

May Allah swt forgive me if I seemed harsh or lacked adab while I listed these concerns [and yes, I have even more], but the internet also has it’s own commutative limitations.

And Allah (swt) Knows Best

Issues I have about this post is not even remotely particular to of itself but rather is applicable to attitudes, literature and Muslim culture to the ‘other’ in general.

Probably the best response to the question of homosexuality within the Islamic framework is encompassed in the video below. Enjoy:



  1. Females actually make more than 50% of the population, and they continue to grow faster than males. It makes sense, really, since the X chromosome is recessive. The Prophet pbuh himself also said that at the end of times, women would greatly increase in number.


  3. I thought I’d posted a comment on this blog…has it been deleted?

    In case it hasn’t…here is the link again…

    Traditional rebel…you have been quoted in the article…please check it out!

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