Hijabi Norhan Basuni on the Tyra Banks Show

Norhan Basuni, a hijabi, inshAllah will be on the Tyra Banks Show on March 23, 2009 this Monday at 5:00pm. It varies on different stations. The Show is about Racial Perception. Not only is she speaking about being a Muslim, she is speaking about being an minority as well.

You can watch the promo here.

I don’t watch TV, nor do I own one– so if someone could update me on this, that would be great.



  1. Salam,

    This is Norhan but my last name isnt’ Elhady that’s my older sister’s married last name. My full name is Norhan Basuni. Thank you for the post 🙂

    • JAKS for the correction, it’s now edited.

      Peace out

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