Introducing- The Poetic Vision Tour’s “Art of Poetics”

If you’re in the DC area beginning of April I suggest you check out Saad Omar’s new project: The Poetic Vision Tour’s “Art of Poetics”. He’s held a couple of Poetic Vision Tour’s in the Chicago area, becoming a huge success and now it’s finally debuted in the DC area. Saad’s promise: it’s going to be special. Here’s some info:

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to introduce the Poetic Vision Tour’s “Art of Poetics” Concert & Lyrical Workshop
on April 4th in Washington DC.  Please check out the online flyer below and our website.  I have also
included a description of the event below the flyer.  We are limiting attendance to only 75 to maintain
the quality of this event, so buy your tickets soon to insure your seat and to get the lower ticket price-

-Saad Omar  [Poetic Vision Tour-National Coordinator]

Event Co-Sponsors- Georgetown and George Washington University MSA

FORMAT-    Unlike our large concerts, this event is designed to create a more intimate setting
in which artists will perform songs (rock, folk, hip hop), as the
attendees follow along with lyric
books.  After ever few songs, we will have
a short lyrical discussion, in which the audience can

PURPOSE- The Art of Poetics event is designed to be a highly enjoyable music concert.
Furthermore,we hope that this event will help sensitize our attendees to greater lyrical
poetic appreciation.

THE MUSIC-   Music will range from socially conscious mainstream music (both classic and new),
as well as originals.  This event was a huge success in the midwest and we are very excited to
bring it to the East Coast.


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