Are you MISTified?

For those of you who don’t know what MIST (Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament):

One of the main objectives of MIST is to encourage high school students (of all different faiths) to develop the skills needed to represent Muslims and the true peaceful spirit of Islam in a professional manner through the media, creative arts, and other forms of public interaction.

Another objective is to develop, revive, strengthen, unify, and enlarge Islamic educational clubs/MSAs within the high schools of North America with a competition made specifically for them!

MIST has regional tournaments all over the nation during the spring and has a national competition every summer for the winners of each region. This year’s MIST Nationals will take place in July 2008, and will include regional winners from Houston, Atlanta, Alabama, North Carolina, Toronto, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Boston, Ohio, and Michigan!

MIST TO just held their second successful MIST, Alhumdullah, with their overall winner, Sarah Rostom (and head of MYNA TO), making the news (mashAllah!).

DC MIST needs some help and is looking for judges for Debate which entails lawyers and law students and a judge for writing; short story, poetry, and children’s book.* DC MIST is happening  March 27th – 29th. Comment and I’ll send you the email address to get involved if you are interested.

*I think they would have asked for an English major, if they knew anyone (heehee, lame jab at the Muslim community–not to say non-Muslims can’t get involved too!)

MIST Boston: April 3-4 2009 at Harvard

MIST Boston: April 3-4 2009 at Harvard

Speaking of non-Muslims, I know some non-Muslims are going to be involved with MIST Boston April 3-4, at Harvard University. If interested in helping out, and they need help, email:


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